WYVERN Webinar, "How good is the data you're using to make good decisions?"

By Andy Day | Aug 5, 2020 3:38:35 PM

How good is your data?  In the dynamic environment of private or business aviation, we spend a lot of energy using data to make informed business decisions - every day.  Depending on what we are researching dictates where our data will come from.  "Is it smart to add this new aircraft type right now?", "Should we expand into a new service area?"  Good questions that are hopefully supported by some good data.

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WYVERN Offers Free Webinar, "Feeding A Healthy Safety Culture Through Communication"

By Andy Day | Jul 29, 2020 8:58:27 PM

When Marcela presented with us the first time, it was back in April.  Things at that time were rapidly changing as operators began taking drastic steps to ensure their businesses survived through the onset of COVID-19.  At that time Marcela shared her thoughts on how key it was to keep open lines of communication with not only current staff but stay engaged with staff who may have been temporarily let go.  Why was that important?  Because when things get busy again, those are the folks she will need to lean on to re-grow her business.  With business beginning to show signs of a rebound, it's now more key than ever to keep those open lines of communication, not just with staff, but with clients and other industry peers as well.

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WYVERN Offers Free Webinar, "Fighting Organizational Fatigue - Industry Starts & Stops Can Stress The Organization"

By Andy Day | Jul 8, 2020 2:38:11 PM

We all place a great deal of safety energy on managing fatigue for our flight crews, and rightly so.  What we can sometimes lose sight of is, how is the organizational fatigue at your company?  With the industry seeing some recent rebounding, going from slow to busy, and back to slow, and back again to busy, it can be taxing on the organization's focus.  Not only to be ready to grab the next business opportunity, but to ensure the organization is thinking clearly and making good risk assessments is all part of your organization's fitness.  These times have been difficult for many of us to manage.  We all have much to do in our daily processes, but don't forget to give your organizational machine the care and feeding it needs to be ready when the bell rings.

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WYVERN Offers Free Webinar entitled, "Ethical Leadership - A Direct Correlation To Positive Safety Culture"

By Andy Day | Jul 1, 2020 7:07:46 PM

As members of the private and business aviation community, we've most likely all had our share of experiences with good and not-so-good leadership.  We will discuss the correlation of ethical leadership to Safety Culture and how the two are permanently merged together.

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WYVERN Offers Free Webinar entitled, "Near Rocks, Far Rocks, Check Six: An Essential Guide To Aviation Leadership."

By Andy Day | Jun 24, 2020 6:36:40 PM

Dr. Chris Broyhill will present a methodology for utilizing 15 leadership traits in a systematic manner that is highly adaptive in a dynamic environment. Based on a mantra taught to pilots qualified for very low altitude flight, this presentation shows how different leadership traits are used depending on where the leader focuses his/her attention.

Our chief presenter will be Dr. Christopher Broyhill, CEO of Citadel Consulting Services.  Please join us to hear Chris's thoughts and to share your own experiences and/or good ideas.

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WYVERN Offers Free Webinar entitled, "Are Unstable Approaches Common At Your Operation? How Management's Commitment Can Influence."

By Andy Day | Jun 18, 2020 7:53:31 AM

As many of you are aware, the statistics showing the number of incidents, accidents, and near misses during the approach and landing phase of flight is sobering.  Further, the number of incidents and accidents that involve an unstable approach as a causal factor are staggering.  As industry leaders, we should all pay attention to these statistics and do whatever we can to reduce the number of unstable approaches.  How do we do that?  One key element present in many cases is the lack of a clear message from the top management, that it's okay and even encouraged to execute a go-around if your approach becomes unstable.  Too often we hear, "I was afraid I might be disciplined or get in trouble if I go-around."  This perception might be present at your organization - it might be worth looking into.  As today's industry leaders start thinking more progressively and become more proactive, there are a number of strategies that might help get that message of go-around tolerance and encouragement out to the flight crews.

Our chief presenter will be Jason Middleton, CEO of Wingman Operator Silver Air - a large Part 135 charter operator operating world-wide.  Jason is very passionate about this particular topic and will share his ideas on how to best clear up this perception, if it exists.  Please join us to hear Jason's thoughts and to share your own experiences and/or good ideas.

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WYVERN Offers Free Webinar entitled, "Choosing the Right Partner. Operators, Brokers, Clients and Building Trust."

By Andy Day | Jun 11, 2020 12:05:02 PM

As charter operators, corporate flight departments, charter brokers, and the most important element of all - the passenger clients, is the trip you're considering the right fit for all parties?  Most operators and brokers work hard at developing good reputations upon which to build loyal repeat clientele.  With some new clients coming into the industry - many who are experiencing private aviation for the first time, these new clients need to be treated differently than those more experienced users.  We all need to show these folks the way to a successful broker/operator partnership and be ready to guide them to an experience that matches their expectations.  "I've got 3 passengers and want to fly from Los Angeles to New York City - What kind of plane do I need and how much will it cost?"  You all know how this might go if handled poorly, and our improper handling of this new client might just drive them away from becoming an industry regular.  Building trust among our industry peers will ultimately help us all develop more lasting relationships that we can rely on to make sure we are doing things right.

Our chief presenters will be Marcela White, Co-Owner and General Manager for Tavaero Jet Charter - a large Part 135 charter operator operating world-wide, and Rick Colson, Founder and President of New Flight Charters, Co-Founder of charter sourcing platform FlightList PRO, and Founder of digital/social media marketing service FlightCast Media.  Marcela and Rick will discuss their own best practices in building their reputations and good name in the industry.  Please join us to hear their thoughts and to share your own experiences and/or good ideas.

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WYVERN Offers Free Webinar entitled, "Are All Departments In Sync From A Safety Culture Viewpoint?"

By Andy Day | Jun 3, 2020 5:06:51 PM

Are all of your company's departments in sync?  Are some departments pressuring others to cut corners and maybe accept a trip that might compromise certain corporate or safety culture values?  During normal times it is key to have all departments - Sales, Operations, Maintenance, Flight, Standards, Administration - playing from the same culture playbook.  As we all prepare for the inevitable rebound to the pace of flying and operating, a good and healthy safety culture will play a key role in all operators emerging from the COVID-19 hiatus prepared to do business the right way, with all departments having a healthy respect for the organization and safety culture.

Our chief presenter will be Andreas Mauritzson, Vice President of Business Strategy for Sun Air Jets - a large Part 135 charter operator and aircraft management company, operating world-wide.  Andreas has a wealth of experience upon which to speak from.  Please join us to hear Andreas' thoughts and to share your own experiences and/or good ideas.

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WYVERN Offers Free Webinar entitled, "Keeping Flight and Ground Crews Proficient While Flying Is Slow"

By Andy Day | May 28, 2020 12:04:32 PM

During this unprecedented COVID-19 induced industry hiatus, it is key to keep flight, cabin, and ground crews sharp and ready for action.  How has your organization done in making this happen?  With training centers operating at reduced schedules and many aircraft either parked or catching up with maintenance, flight department leaders need to plan a strategy to be ready when we come out the other side of this pandemic.

Our chief presenters will be Brad Self, Chief Pilot for VF Corp - a large Part 91 business aviation flight department, and Tom Benvenuto, Sr. VP Flight Operations for Solairus Aviation - a worldwide Part 135 charter operator.  Both have developed good strategies on this topic and will speak about these and other methods they have employed.   Please join us to hear Brad and Tom's thoughts and to share your own experiences and/or good ideas.

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WYVERN Offers Free Webinar entitled, "Leadership Impact on Safety Culture"

By Andy Day | May 21, 2020 10:12:53 AM

Following our topic last week of "Leadership Impact on Employee Retention," we will discuss Leadership and its impact on Safety Culture.  As we all know, a healthy Safety Culture is paramount and this key element is often hard to come by, and once attained, even harder to maintain.

Our chief presenter will be Dr. Christopher Broyhill, CEO of Citadel Consulting Services.  Chris is a recognized force in leadership studies and specifically, how leadership can impact the key safety culture of an organization.   Please join us to hear Chris's thoughts and to share your own experiences and/or good ideas.

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