WYVERN Offers Free Webinar entitled, “Are Unstable Approaches Common At Your Operation? How Management’s Commitment Can Influence.”


As many of you are aware, the statistics showing the number of incidents, accidents, and near misses during the approach and landing phase of flight is sobering. Further, the number of incidents and accidents that involve an unstable approach as a causal factor are staggering.  As industry leaders, we should all pay attention to these statistics and do whatever we can to reduce the number of unstable approaches.  How do we do that?  One key element present in many cases is the lack of a clear message from the top management, that it’s okay and even encouraged to execute a go-around if your approach becomes unstable.  Too often we hear, “I was afraid I might be disciplined or get in trouble if I go-around.”  This perception might be present at your organization – it might be worth looking into.  As today’s industry leaders start thinking more progressively and become more proactive, there are a number of strategies that might help get that message of go-around tolerance and encouragement out to the flight crews.

Our chief presenter will be Jason Middleton, CEO of Wingman Operator Silver Air – a large Part 135 charter operator operating world-wide.  Jason is very passionate about this particular topic and will share his ideas on how to best clear up this perception, if it exists.  Please join us to hear Jason’s thoughts and to share your own experiences and/or good ideas.

Aired: Wednesday June 17, 2020, 1:00pm US Eastern Daylight Time

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