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Our Safety Leader Training Course™ is the best approach to gaining the essential skills and knowledge needed to effectively lead a Safety Management System in any organization. This course provides the education and training that enables each professional to lead skillfully and achieve operational excellence. The course is available in two settings: a 4-day classroom experience at our headquarters or other venue; or a 4-day online format.


About the Course

Trainees learn progressive techniques applied by top safety professionals around the world. The program follows the guidance from ICAO, Safety Management International Collaboration Group (SMICG), various national aviation authorities, and respected professional organizations.

The training also qualifies for 4 credits toward becoming or renewing the NBAA Certified Aviation Manager credential.

Complete the Course Your Way!

Our instructors are certified and accredited by respected industry associations. They have trained auditors, operators, and other safety professionals around the world in safety risk management and auditing principles.

  • SMS for Av Pros Course (1-Day)
    Attendees earn an SMS Aviation Professional Certificate
  • SMS Manager Certification Course (2-Days)
    Attendees earn SMS for Av Pros and SMS Manager
  • SMS Auditor Accreditation Course (3-Days)
    Attendees earn SMS for Av Pros, SMS Manager, SMS Auditor
  • Safety Leader Certification Course (4-Days)
    Attendees earn SMS for Av Pros, SMS Manager, SMS Auditor, Safety Leader

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SMS for Aviation Professionals


1-Day Class in Person or Online


SMS Manager Certification


2-Day Class in Person or Online


SMS Auditor Accreditation


3-Day Class in Person or Online


Safety Leader Certification


4-Day Class in Person or Online


Looking for the best way to lead your team’s safety management system?

Get accredited as a Safety Leader by WYVERN, the respected industry leader.

These professionals did!

Christian Arredondo
Milica Djurdjevic
Justin Martin
Craig Casucci
Anthony Cuomo
Karrie Bixler
Morgan Deering
Ella Osterkamp
Dustin Schocken
Karen Roberts
Ryan Wilson
William Garceau
Maurizio LaFranca
Brian Edwards
Jeffrey Miller
Noel Luneau
Quenton Randolph
MR Newton Babu
John Hornibrook
Erik Ruch
Travis Schleusner
Ken Ness
Andrew Strauss
Gil Lopez
Kristen Stimpert
Jill Dressel
James Evans
Devin Archer
Tyler Romack
Eloy Freitas
Luis Rivas
Enrique Gauthier
Gianluca Gambino
Hal Fuchs
Chris Andres
John Weidner
John McCollett
Owen Hayes
Chris Hill
Francisco Ferrada
Alexander Matta
Matthew Michael
Marcelo Araujo
Mario Jimenez
James Holtby
Caleb Reid
Stewart MacPherson
Scott Leonard
Scott Forbes
Bob Rufli
John Pulka
Zaira Zurita
Brandon Heath
Scott Kleinjan
Alberto Concudu
Andrew Bledsoe
Desirae Pellegrino
Rick Christoffersen
Timothy Aldridge
Thomas Inskeep
Schuyller Andrew
Patti Arnott
Mary Baker
Sarah Wendt
Nellie Garcia
Michelle Sawan
Alex Akins
Jeremy Biederman
Travis Wagner
Carlos Veliz
Maria Fabia

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“The SLTC encouraged me to continue to improve in my role as an SMS Specialist, especially in leading teams to become the best that they can be. All that WYVERN has taught me and allowed me to understand deeper, will always play a part of my journey in aviation safety,”
M.F., Gulf Wings

“Knowledgeable instructors with years of experience in the industry. Well constructed presentations citing technical sources as reference. Sending out course reference material and other course information discussed each day. Good time management and sufficient breaks throughout the day,” A.A., HeliFlite Shares

“The course was not too overwhelming and had a good mix of content. The material was well presented and offered good opportunity for interaction. It is just the right amount of information for an initial introduction and a great refresher for those that have more experience. Well done! Highly recommended,” C.V., Verijet

“I learned a lot of new information, solidified a lot of information I vaguely knew, and clarified the information I had heard about previously. This was a very useful and informative course, not just teaching the facts, but exploring concepts and presenting thought-provoking ideas. I really appreciated it,” J.D., Chantilly Air

“Content and training was excellent overall,” M.G., PACCAR

“This course provided answers for a laundry list of items that I didn’t understand as an introductory but functioning Safety Leader. I feel this course did a good job pairing us with such a knowledgeable and experienced instructor,” Safety Director, Fortune 150 Operator

“Great course. Great content. Experience instructors. Enjoyed my learnings,” J. Williams

“This was one of the best courses I have taken in a long time!  The instructors were highly knowledgeable and gave a thorough approach to SMS.  I know that we will tailor our current program to incorporate the best practices outlined in this course,” L. Clifford

“I really enjoyed the course design. The instructor was an excellent wealth of knowledge,” T. Knopp