Our Corporate clients use WYVERN’s safety intelligence database to determine acceptable levels of risk when sourcing aircraft charter.

  • Access to an Exclusive Network: The Wingman™ Report (TWR) is a directory of audited charter operators who meet the rigorous requirements of The Wingman™ Standard, the industry-leading safety standard that far exceeds regulatory requirements.
  • Access to WYVERN Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS™) System:  Each PASS™ report checks and verifies critical information concerning the operator, aircraft, and crew for a specific trip and can be easily printed or emailed to your customer. These operators have proven they meet the stringent requirements of The Wingman Standard, the industry- leading safety standard that exceeds industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Helping Vet
Charter Operators:

  • Evidence of Legal Documentation: Verified Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and Operations Specifications, including areas of operation and list of key management personnel.
  • Fleet Data: All aircraft listed on a certified AOC with details including registration number, serial number, age, amenities, seats available, base of operations, and insurance coverage.
  • Pilot Crew Qualifications: List of all pilots with training dates, flight experience, verified license and medical certificates, and background checks that reveal any accident/incident data or enforcement actions by the regulatory authorities.
  • AID and EIS Records: Accident/Incident Data (AID) records and Enforcement Information Systems (EIS) records for viewing in one simple interface.

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