Operational Excellence Beyond Audits

The WYVERN Flight Leader Program was designed to elevate beyond traditional methods and present a progressive way for operators to achieve Wingman™ and Wingman PRO™  certification.  Whether your operation has been Wingman™ certified for many years and is looking for something more, or if you are seeking to become Wingman certified for the very first time, the Flight Leader Program provides all the necessary tools to get your there.


Elevate Your Performance

At its heart, the Flight Leader Program is about culture, professionalism, and human performance – at your operation and in the industry.  The program’s focus includes a high degree of emphasis on human and organizational factors – frequently overlooked aspects of the safety ecosystem cited as contributing or causal in 80% of serious incidents/accidents. 

Collaborate with Experts

Meeting and collaborating on a quarterly basis, your safety team works with a WYVERN Flight Leader Coach – a seasoned industry safety veteran, whose expertise can bring new and dynamic approaches to the challenges most operators face.  Over and above traditional methods, your Flight Leader Coach collaborates with you, custom-tailoring the focus areas that will best suit your operation and help you map out the pathway to safety excellence.  Further, your Coach will enable the cross-pollination of industry best-practices between operators, and also help avoid pitfalls that might not otherwise be recognizable.

After all, the continuous improvement of the safety of our private aviation industry is our duty – both yours and ours. 


Meet the Team


Carl Flynn
Flight Leader Coach

Carl is a U.K. National. Carl’s aviation career has been

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Jeff Zotter
Flight Leader Coach

Jeff began his career at Eastern Kentucky University, where

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Mario Jimenez
Flight Leader Coach

Mario grew up in Latin America and graduated from the

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Carlos Veliz
Flight Leader Coach

Carlos began his career
in aviation in the United States

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Todd Buczek
Flight Leader Coach

Todd brings extensive career aviation experience with a 

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Tom Huff
Flight Leader Coach

Most recently Tom was the Chief Safety Officer at a large aircraft

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Stewart MacPherson
Flight Leader Coach

Stewart spent 22 years as an Operations Manager, managing

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Flight Leader Program


Per month

  • Professional SMS Software
  • Integrated FAA SMS Compliance Tools
  • Expert Quarterly Coaching
  • Complimentary:
    • SMS Training
    • Safety Manager Certification
    • SMS Auditor Certification
    • Safety Leader Certification
    • Annual Safety Culture Analysis
    • Human Factors Analysis
    • Basic Aviation Risk Analysis
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