The 4-day Safety Leader Training Course ™ is the best approach to gain the essential skills and knowledge needed to effectively lead a Safety Management System in any organization.

The Safety Leader Training Course provides the education and training that enables each professional to skillfully lead the pursuit of operational excellence. Trainees learn progressive techniques applied by top safety professionals around the world. The program follows the guidance from ICAO, Safety Management International Collaboration Group (SMICG), various national aviation authorities, and respected professional organizations.

Completion of the course meets the training requirements for being recognized as a Certified Registered Safety Professional by the International Society of Safety Professionals.




Our instructors are certified and accredited by respected industry associations. They have trained auditors, operators, and other safety professionals around the world in safety risk management and auditing principles.


Course Schedule

Each day, the Safety Leader Training Course™ begins with a review of a NTSB accident report where contributing and causal factors


Course Module Summaries

Day 1: Case Study 1 Discussion (1 hour): The trainee reviews NTSB Aviation Accident Report 1401, Asiana Flight 214.....

Upcoming Course Dates

May 14th – 18th

June 4th – 8th

July 16th – 20th

August 13th  – 17th

September 24th – 28th



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“I am very proud to tell our clients that Meridian Air Charter is a Wyvern Wingman operator. Our charter fleet goes through rigorous safety audits to ensure that we are either meeting or exceeding the industry’s highest safety standards. Our aircraft and crew are constantly being inspected and tested so that we always remain diligent. Safety has always been, and will always be, our highest priority.  In turn, it also gives our charter sales team the benefit of selecting operators that have been vetted by Wyvern. This process provides an intangible value to the entire business aviation industry because it raises the bar for all of us.”

Chris Battaglia Director of Charter Sales, Meridian Air Charter 

The Wingman Standard

Download our latest set of audit standards and aviation best practices for Wingman Standard.

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