No job is too small or large for our
Virtual Safety Officer

Every organization needs a skilled safety professional to empower their safety management program. However, not all organizations have the resources, either talent or financial, to fill this critical role. WYVERN provides this essential service via our Virtual Safety Officer (VSO) Program.

Our VSO Program enables an organization to achieve the highest levels of performance with continual monitoring, coaching, learning, and doing. Investigations and studies conducted by global aviation safety experts identify human error as contributing or causal in 70-80% of serious incidents and accidents. Human error is often a symptom of organizational factors, which are influenced by the organization’s culture.

The VSO Program addresses these issues by facilitating effective management of 1) Human factors program, 2) Organizational cultural analysis program, and 3) SMS aligned with ICAO and/or NAA Program.

About the Program

Benefits of VSO

The Virtual Safety Officer (VSO) Program offers a progressive approach for an operator to attain and maintain an effective SMS by augmenting their onsite staff with WYVERN personnel working from a remote location. WYVERN Virtual Safety Officers are experienced safety managers who facilitate SMS implementation, enhance safety culture, and promote best practices related to safety risk management.

All VSOs are trained by WYVERN in safety leadership and safety management principles. They also have rich experience in managing safety programs in sophisticated organizations. The VSO is tailorable to the operator’s needs where the VSO leads and/or participates to the degree designed by the operator. No job is too small or large for the VSO. If it is a safety need, the WYVERN VSO is capable and willing to assist and lead. Operators who hire consultants to complete projects will quickly see the value in the VSO program related to the pricing and contractual flexibility. The VSO adapts, pivots, and resiliently delivers excellence for a fraction of the cost of common consulting firms.


“We are a streamlined operation. So having a virtual safety officer is the perfect complement to our team and keeps us from having to hire additional personnel to do the same work the VSO does.”

“Our VSO is an excellent sounding board and tremendous assistant in navigating the myriad standards and best practices to improve and enhance our safety program.”

“We are very satisfied with the level and quality of service from my VSO. The insights my VSO provides, raise the quality and efficiency of our safety program.”

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