Industry Best Practice Audit

An Industry Best Practice audit is typically a multi-day, onsite evaluation of an organization. WYVERN has performed Industry Best Practice audits and gap analyses for a variety of industries including Electronic News Gathering, Telecommunications, Oil Gas and Petroleum, Mining, Air Cargo, Colleges and Universities, Cruise Operators, Power and Utility operations, FBO, and MRO, as well as Part 91, Part 121, Part 125, Part 135, or international equivalents, operations to evaluate processes and procedures for general compliance and recommendations that represent industry best practice.

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The International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling (IS-BAH) is an industry code of practice for business aviation ground handlers.

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SMS Certification Audit


SMS Level 1


SMS Level 2


SMS Level 3


SMS Level 4

Validate that You Manage
Risk Like a Pro!

WYVERN evaluates your SMS implementation to ensure it meets the requirements of ICAO or your governing state (your choice). 

Once WYVERN confirms that your SMS meets the applicable requirements, WYVERN issues an official certification validating your achievement. 

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We audit MRO’s

The Audit scope includes evaluating your organization’s programs, policies, processes, procedures, and activities against WYVERN’s MRO Standard criteria.

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