Does your flight crew comply to the highest safety standard?

WYVERN’s Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) reports allow for effective safety and risk assessment. PASS is the most advanced trip-specific safety analysis tool available to charter buyers and sellers. Within seconds a user creating a PASS Report is presented with operator, aircraft, and pilot information from WYVERN’s global database. The system compares it against a predefined standard and presents a full evaluation and gap analysis in an easy to read report. 

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• Allows mitigation of risk for any chosen flight 
• Comprehensive and reliable safety intelligence 
• Enhanced marketing and listings throughout the WYVERN Safety Data System 
• Sophisticated data management tools and integrations 
• Verify trip data meets your customers’ risk requirements 


Complete a PASS report from your computer, tablet or cell phone!


WYVERN provides two kinds of PASS Standards to our customers depending on the operator’s program: Wingman Standard and Registered Standard. Wingman Standard PASS reports check over 150 data points – confirming pilot and maintenance personnel training, crew currency, background checks, accident records and that an operator is in good standing as a certified Wingman Operator.  Registered Standard PASS reports are available to both Wingman Operators and Registered Operators. The reports check aircraft, pilot, and insurance data in WYVERN’s system but cover fewer data points since it measures operators who have not been audited by WYVERN or meet The Wingman Standard.