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WYVERN Brokers have access to the data needed to research operators that have demonstrated commitment to safe operating practices and provide clients with verification that each trip meets WYVERN’s safety standards with the PASS program.


WYVERN Broker Membership

WYVERN Brokers have access to the data needed to identify and research operators which check and verify crucial safety information concerning the operator, aircraft, and pilots on a mission-specific basis. A Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) report can be easily emailed to a client as proof of an operator’s commitment to transparency of information as an effective assessment of risk. The PASS program verifies whether an operator meets WYVERN’s safety benchmark regarding pilot recency of experience, operator legal compliance, aircraft condition, and insurance liability coverage.

Certified Broker Program

To be recognized as a WYVERN Certified Broker, your organization will undergo a virtual audit to determine the degree to which your policies, processes, and procedures conform to WYVERN’s stringent ethical standards. The Brokers are vetted by an experienced, professional, internationally accredited, aviation safety auditor.

Once conformity is ensured, your organization is eligible to be formally recognized by WYVERN for its achievement.



“InterFlight Global is proud to be a part of the WYVERN Broker Network. IFG has over 20 years of aircraft and charter brokerage experience in the United States and Europe with satellite operations in the Middle East and Asia. IFG is committed to safety and its executives have decades of experience in general aviation, corporate aviation, and airline transportation.”

Yvette Garcia / Managing Partner, InterFlight Global