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WYVERN Registered Brokers have access to the data needed to research operators that have demonstrated commitment to safe operating practices and provide clients with verification that each trip meets WYVERN’s safety standards with the PASS™ program.


WYVERN Registered Broker Membership


  • Evidence of Legal Documentation: Verified Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and Operations Specifications, including areas of operation and list of key management personnel.
  • Fleet Data: All aircraft listed on a certified AOC with details including registration number, serial number, age, amenities, seats available, base of operations, and insurance coverage.
  • Pilot Crew Qualifications: List of all pilots with training dates, flight experience, verified license and medical certificates, and background checks that reveal any accident/incident data or enforcement actions by the regulatory authorities.
  • AID and EIS Records: Accident/Incident Data (AID) records and Enforcement Information Systems (EIS) records for viewing in one simple interface.

Wingman Broker Program

To be recognized as a WYVERN Wingman Broker, your organization will undergo a virtual audit to determine the degree to which your policies, processes, and procedures conform to WYVERN’s stringent ethical standards. The Brokers are vetted by an experienced, professional, internationally accredited, aviation safety auditor.

Once conformity is ensured, your organization is eligible to be formally recognized by WYVERN for its achievement.


WYVERN Wingman Broker Badge

“InterFlight Global is proud to be a part of the WYVERN Broker Network. IFG has over 20 years of aircraft and charter brokerage experience in the United States and Europe with satellite operations in the Middle East and Asia. IFG is committed to safety and its executives have decades of experience in general aviation, corporate aviation, and airline transportation.”

Yvette Garcia / Managing Partner, InterFlight Global

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  • Access to an Exclusive Network: The Wingman™ Report (TWR) is a directory of audited charter operators who meet the rigorous requirements of The Wingman™ Standard, the industry-leading safety standard that far exceeds regulatory requirements.
  • Access to WYVERN Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS™) System: Each PASS™ report checks and verifies critical information concerning the operator, aircraft, and crew for a specific trip and can be easily printed or emailed to your customer. The Wingman™ PASS™ report verifies compliance with The Wingman™ Standard, the highest safety standard in the business aviation and air charter industry. A PASS report can also be used to verify compliance with WYVERN’s Registered Standard, which applies to un-audited and un-certified operators who are willing to share safety data related to the pilots, aircraft, and their organization.
  • Research Potential Operators: The Safety Intelligence Report (SIR) gives you everything you need to research and make informed charter decisions. Use WYVERN’s web-based information service to access certificate information, Operations Specifications, fleet listings, pilot rosters, insurance, and accident/incident data.