A strong safety management culture is vital to organizational success. At WYVERN, our mission is to help you create and implement effective safety management systems that enable you to become a best-in-class aviation service provider for your customers.

Your customizable SMS software includes (all components fully integrated):

  • Branded user portal
  • Safety & Quality reporting (Unlimited customizable report types)
  • State of the art risk analysis, assessment, and mitigation tools
  • FRAT/MRAT and other pre-operation risk analysis (Unlimited customizable analyses templates)
  • ASAP module and support
  • Audit module (Unlimited customizable audit templates, both internal and external)
  • CASS module
  • Management of change module
  • Performance monitoring/SPIs
  • A.I. assistance in submission analysis, audit creation, MOC, policy development, and more

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WYVERN SMS software represents a revolutionary jump in aviation risk management. The system fuses contemporary Safety Risk Management techniques and tools with quality management features with innovative visualization of data, resulting in simplified risk management for an organization of any size or complexity. 

Making a difference one report at a time.

Used by operators around the World, ranging from smaller, cost-conscious air charter operators to the largest corporate flight departments, QSMS provides our users robust capabilities for the capturing, analysis, mitigation, and follow-up for a large variety of reports. WYVERN’s SMS software has state-of-the-art analysis tools, integrated components eliminating “data silos,” client-branded web interface, and much more which makes achieving effectiveness in your SMS easy.


Safety/Quality Reports

In addition to the all-important human resource of submitting safety and/or quality-related reports, data can also come {Read More}

from a variety of other sources, including audit findings, Management of Change exercises, ERP drills, post-operation debriefs, and much more. WYVERN’s QSMS provides connectivity across SMS and other operational components, centralizing collection of safety reports, and avoiding “data silos.”


Corrective Actions

Robust analysis, classification, and collaborative tools assist the organization in the development of meaningful {Read More}

and effective mitigation strategies, safeguards, and corrections that allow safety managers to address the root of the problem.


F/Mrat & Debriefs Documented

Flight, maintenance, and any other pre-operation risk analysis provide for proactive identification, evaluation, and {Read More}

mitigation of risk BEFORE negative consequences have a chance to manifest. Both pre-operation risk analysis and post operation debrief should be a part of every well-run organization, with meaningful outputs providing direction for continuous improvement. With unlimited risk analysis templates, scheduling system integration, and intuitive web-based interface, QSMS makes this easy.



WYVERN SMS software promotes collaborations within organizations. Collabrations include instances where the {Read More}

safety administrator solicits assistance from a department head or other subject matter expert in analysis or deriving corrective action, and it also includes MOC actions.