Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Certification

The WYVERN UAS Wingman Certification is a global, standardized assessment for UAS operations that ensures conformity to industry best practices, which are well above regulatory minimums.

UAS Wingman Certification is for all UAS operators with demanding stakeholders, to include:

  • Public safety,
  • Mining,
  • Newsgathering,
  • Insurance,
  • Search and rescue,
  • Humanitarian,
  • Real estate,
  • Movie and television filming,
  • Precision agriculture,  
  • Aerial photography
  • Surveying,
  • Sports and special event filming,
  • Forestry,
  • and other commercial, private, and government operations.

For UAS End Users

  • How is your company vetting UAS operators or contractors or your own internal departments?
  • What standards are you using to assess operators?
  • How do you know an operator is adhering to best practice standards and score them for risk?


For UAS Operators

As a UAS Service Provider, differentiate your business and attract premium customers by demonstrating a safe, legal,  and high-quality drone operation with the WYVERN UAS Wingman Certification.

  • How do you demonstrate that your organization is safe to buyers, in particular, to Risk Managers?
  • How do you distinguish yourself as an industry leader?
  • How do grow your business and reach premier clientele?
  • How do you develop and promote a positive safety culture in your organization?

Building a Professional Community

Operators that achieve Wingman Certification are driving safety, quality, and continuous improvement across their organizations.

Components of the Wingman Standard:

  • An initial pre-assessment to benchmark organization’s current state against the Wingman Standard
  • Manuals and preparatory work to move organization toward Wingman Standard compliance
  • Wingman Assessment
  • Remedial support to address discrepancies
  • Final Wingman Assessment Report and Certificate
  • Ongoing best practices sharing
  • Adaptation to new developments and regulations as they emerge
  • Training for organization
  • Ongoing promotion of your organization

Wingman Certification

Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to reducing risk and operational excellence for customers and stakeholders.

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