Reward your people for their contributions to safety!

WYVERN partnered with the International Society of Safety Professionals (ISSP) to establish the Talon Safety Excellence Award to formally recognize safety managers, organizational leaders, and other personnel for significant and meaningful contributions to safety. Anyone is eligible to nominate or be nominated for an ISSP Talon Award. WYVERN or ISSP membership IS NOT required.

Tyler Jappe receiving his Hawk Award
presented by Andy Day

Allison Markey receiving her Eagle Award

Allison Markey, Senior Director of Audit Programs, has worked in the aviation industry as a pilot and in aviation safety specializations. Her wealth of aviation knowledge includes flight operations and safety through employment at air/ground operators, including airline, ACMI, corporate/business, and general aviation.

Allison has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Allison is an experienced Wingman, IS-BAO, IS-BAH, and IOSA auditor. She also performs audits to industry best practice standards for business, charter, airline, and flight training organizations.

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Talon Safety Excellence Award Guide

Falcon Award

Awarded for excellence in safety

Awarded to Safety Manager/Director for exceptional contribution to
their organization safety initiative, including:

  • Significant improvement of safety infrastructure.
  • Significant contribution to organizational safety objectives.
  • Significant self-improvement and or professional development.
  • Innovation and implementation of safety tools that significantly improve or enhance safety.
  • Noteworthy contribution to the safety community at large.

Eagle Award

Awarded for leadership or management contribution to safety

Awarded to organizational leaders and senior managers for significant
contribution to their organization’s safety program, including:

  • Significant involvement or support resulting in enhanced safety culture or safety achievement.
  • Demonstrating support and involvement of the organization’s safety program through resourcing safety management professional development and promotion of safety.
  • Demonstrating a high degree of organizational safety objective achievement

Hawk Award

Awarded to supervisors and line employees for safety contribution

Awarded to supervisors and line employees for significant support of their organization’s safety objectives, including:

  • Assuming a role as “Safety Champion” on the floor or workplace.
  • Making an innovative safety suggestion.
  • Extraordinary promotion of or contribution to organization safety goals.

Osprey Award

Awarded for lifetime, career, or safety innovation contribution

Awarded to safety professionals for significant lifetime, career, or safety innovation Contribution, including:

  • Years of contributions to the safety community at large.
  • Lifetime safety contribution or achievement in a respective industry or aspect of safety, such as: trucking, oil & gas, healthcare, construction, aviation, mining, transit, rail, etc. or human factors, investigation, ergonomics, safety management process, or other related areas.
  • Significant contribution to safety through authoring publications, books, or articles.

Kettle Award*

Awarded to a team for significant safety contribution

Awarded to a team of safety personnel for significant contribution to their organization or the safety community at large, including:

  • Contribution to the organization’s safety goals.
  • Innovation that significantly improved or enhanced safety.

*Hawks form kettles (flocks) prior to migration. Kettling serves as a form of avian communication, as well as a way of gaining altitude and conserving strength.


2021 Recipients

Allison Markey – Eagle – Leadership Contribution to Safety

Tyler Jappe – Hawk – Supervisor and Line Employee Contribution to Safety

Sheryl Clarke – Falcon – Excellence in Safety Management

2020 Recipients

Patti Arnott – Eagle – Leadership Contribution to Safety

Alec Blume – Eagle – Leadership Contribution to Safety

2019 Recipients

Devin Howes Falcon – Excellence in Safety Management

Jacob Copeland III Falcon – Excellence in Safety Management

Laura “London” Penly Eagle – Leadership Contribution to Safety

Nathan Predoehl Eagle – Leadership Contribution to Safety