“Is That Defer-Able?” How Many Times Have We Heard That One?


Operating with an MEL at your operation?  Many folks don’t fully understand the nature of the Minimum Equipment List – and the difference between it and the Master MEL.  Whether you’re sitting in the pilot’s seat or the maintenance manager’s seat, the MEL can be a “misunderstood beast”, and there is often some confusion about what equipment must be operational, and how to “sign-off” some equipment that may be inoperative so that you can safely – and legally – dispatch your flight.

Our chief presenter will be Tom Atzert, President of Leading Edge Aviation Technical Solutions.  Tom is one of the industry’s leading subject matter experts on all things MEL, having spent decades writing, administering, and using MEL, as well as co-chair of FAA/Industry MMEL/MEL Strategy Group.

Aired: Wednesday, February 24, 2021 @ 1:00PM US EST

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