WYVERN Offers Free Webinar on Readiness for Returning to Service after COVID-19


With many operators experiencing significantly low activity, we know that a strong return to service will be coming to our industry at some point in the near future. While no one has solid data to indicate when that might occur, we all hope it will be soon.  The new best practices that many of you have already developed and implemented, to keep your flight crews, passengers, and ground personnel safe and protected from a health standpoint will be discussed both from the “what are we doing now” to the “what will we need to do long term or permanently.”

Our chief presenter will be Jason Middleton, CEO of Silver Air.  Jason has some good thoughts and ideas on what can be done to apply effective risk mitigation for keeping things safe and doing it right. Please join us to hear Jason’s thoughts and also to share your own good ideas.

Aired: Wednesday April 22, 2020, 1:00pm US Eastern Daylight Time


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