Silver Air Renews their WYVERN Wingman PRO Certification!


Santa Barbara, CA: Scott Aviation, LLC dba Silver Air has once more been awarded WYVERN Wingman PRO certification after achieving excellence in association with ongoing participation in WYVERN’s Flight Leader Program (FLP), WYVERN’s progressive approach to coaching operators toward safety excellence.  Wingman PRO validates organizational safety culture utilizing the most advanced safety culture evaluation tools recognized by safety experts and regulatory bodies worldwide. A safety benchmark set above WYVERN’s flagship Wingman program; Wingman PRO is the aviation industry’s highest safety standard.

At Silver Air, we are extremely proud to have received validation for our unwavering commitment to safety and constant improvement. Our success can be attributed to the exceptional support, knowledge, and tools provided by WYVERN and its Flight Leader Program. We are excited to continue our collaboration with WYVERN to uphold the highest standards of safety and quality in the aviation industry,” comments Hansford Smith, Director of Safety and Organizational Development at Silver Air.

WYVERN Wingman PRO is issued once an already established Wingman operator demonstrates effectiveness in all areas of SMS, excellence in the addressing of Human Factors and Organizational Safety Culture, and continuous conformity to international standards as proven by an internal audit program.  

Additionally, Silver Air is a part of WYVERN’s Virtual Safety Officer Program (VSO).  Designed to augment an operator’s on-site safety team, Silver Air utilizes the VSO as an economical resource to bolster their safety activities and keep their SMS program constantly moving forward.  A totally customizable program, WYVERN’s VSO can assist operators in many ways, and Silver Air has seen this benefit firsthand. Silver Air CEO Jason Middleton states, “The VSO program has given us the resources that have allowed us to expand our safety system in a comprehensive way in a short period of time. It has also given us an element of constant checks and balances with our safety program. As the CEO and Accountable Executive, having our VSO supporting us gives me peace of mind that we are doing all we can to support the safest operation possible.”

WYVERN Flight Leader Coach Carlos Veliz states, “The team at Silver Air has been impressive with the level of detail, commitment, and professionalism that they demonstrate.”  Veliz continues, “Silver has consistently exceeded my expectations with their work in our Flight Leader Program and is an excellent example of Wingman excellence.”

We congratulate Silver Air for renewing their Wingman PRO certification, which validates their effective safety management system and excellence in managing operations and aircraft maintenance. Wingman PRO Operators stand out among their peers by allowing WYVERN to assess their conformity to best practices and continually monitor their information related to safety,” says Andrew Day, WYVERN’s Senior Vice President, Operations. 

About Silver Air

Silver Air is a leading private aircraft management company and direct charter operator that delivers a transparent, owner-advocate approach to management creating valuable partnerships with private jet owners. Founded in 2008, the company is based in Southern California with corporate offices in Santa Barbara. Silver Air manages a comprehensive fleet of luxury aircraft from light to long-range heavy jets and a global network operating around the clock, 24-hours-a-day.

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WYVERN was founded in 1991 by a group of safety-focused professionals who created The Wingman Standard for rigorously vetting air charter operators. Soon thereafter, WYVERN officially became the world’s first business aviation audit company. With inspired leadership and an agile, innovative team, WYVERN has grown into a globally recognized ISO-9001 certified service provider within the aviation industry.  

We continually guide aviation stakeholders in risk management decision-making through our world-class coaching, consulting, auditing, SMS software, and ACES safety intelligence database. We bring passion and excitement to work every day, constantly working to innovate and improve the lives of the people we serve. 

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To elevate aviation safety worldwide.

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Every operator has an effective SMS.

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