Presidential Aviation Renews their WYVERN Wingman Certification by Flight Leader Program!


Fort Lauderdale, Florida (July 5, 2024) — WYVERN is pleased to congratulate Presidential Aviation, Inc. for earning again its Wingman status as a WYVERN Wingman Certified Operator through the Flight Leader Program with quarterly coaching by WYVERN.  The WYVERN Wingman Standard, the first air charter audit standard in the aviation industry, provides a safety benchmark that allows air charter customers to assess performance expectations against recognized industry best operating practices before purchasing air charter services. 

“Presidential’s clients expect standards of absolute excellence, and securing once again the WYVERN Wingman designation, provides us with one more tool to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to safety and exceptionally luxurious experiences in this very demanding industry. Presidential Aviation’s long partnership with WYVERN has helped us stay at the top, delivering a very safe and exclusive brand, demonstrating our leadership, and providing new levels of distinction. We will continue to elevate our company to greater heights of safety and quality,” says Oscar Arce, CEO of Presidential Aviation, Inc.

WYVERN Wingman Operators are evaluated by the Wingman Standard criteria. The scope of the evaluation includes an evaluation of operational activities, review on the company operational history and safety records, Safety Management System (SMS), internal evaluation program, administrative compositions, technical documentation, pilot and aircraft records, training requirements, and maintenance operations including technician training and experience. 

“Presidential Aviation’s certification as a WYVERN Wingman Operator sets them apart from other operators in the air charter industry. This achievement validates their commitment to attaining and maintaining an enduring safety culture that elevates their performance above other operators who are just beginning to embrace the value of formal safety risk management,” says Andrew Day, WYVERN’s Senior Vice President of Operations.


About Presidential Aviation 

With operations in Fort Lauderdale, New York, and Los Angeles, Presidential delivers a consistently high-quality, premium charter experience. Safety and security are non-negotiable. Customer service is incomparable. The Charter Teams provide around-the-clock dispatch services to accommodate any time zone. From takeoff to touchdown, we do it all with the highest level of ethics and integrity. Our dedication to aircraft maintenance is the cornerstone of our reputation for safe and reliable travel.

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About WYVERN  

WYVERN is a globally recognized leader in aviation safety, providing unparalleled education, training, consulting, auditing, and safety intelligence solutions.  With a mission to elevate aviation safety worldwide, WYVERN empowers aviation stakeholders to make informed decisions and manage risks effectively.  WYVERN was founded in 1991 by a group of safety-focused professionals who created The Wingman Standard for rigorously vetting air charter operators and became the world’s first business aviation audit company.  WYVERN works relentlessly every day to lead and support the highest safety standards to ensure safe air transportation and provides objective information and data to vet charter flights and operations.     

As a globally recognized ISO-9001 certified service provider, WYVERN offers world-class coaching, auditing, consulting, SMS software, and ACES safety intelligence database that links safety-focused operators and brokers.   

WYVERN’s diverse customer base includes Charter Jet operators, Charter Helicopter operators, UAS operators, Corporate Flight Departments, Aerospace and Defense Manufacturers, Charter Brokers, MROs, and FBOs, all of whom benefit from our comprehensive aviation safety solutions.     

The WYVERN Team’s core values are Professionalism, Innovation, and Relationships.     

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