WYVERN Webinar, “Emotional Intelligence – Rocket Fuel for Your SMS”


With SMS programs finally taking hold and becoming more mature and therefore, effective, we will look at ways to further improve these critical programs.  An SMS is only as good as the people who live within it, right?  We are all familiar with the four pillars, but how do we get beyond that and really make our SMS run as an integral part of our operation?  Well, perhaps the focus should be on the people using the system, and how we might improve their knowledge of their role in the system and arm them with the tools of higher emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence is one element that can provide fertilizer to breathe energy into an SMS, any SMS.  Whether your SMS is new and just taking hold, or it is well-established and perhaps in need of some freshening up, EI could very well be the key to unlock that desired continual improvement.    

Our chief presenters will be Sean Lee, General Manager, Aviation for The Coca-Cola Company, Juan Castro, Lead Aviation Safety Manager for The Coca-Cola Company, and Sonnie Bates, CEO of WYVERN. Sean, Juan and Sonnie have a great deal of experience both researching and implementing EI strategies in aviation.  Sean and Juan will give us a unique perspective on the best ways to apply EI, and how the continuous improvement enhances the ROI of their safety program.  Please join us to hear the thoughts of our key presenters and to share your own experiences and/or good ideas.

Aired:   Wednesday August 26, 2020, 1:00pm US Eastern Daylight Time

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