Awareness & Decision Making in the Moment

As aviators, we are faced with a multitude of situations during each mission.  Those situations are often met by a well-trained crew with a calm, well-rehearsed decision and execution plan, with a routine result.
Occasionally we may find ourselves in a situation where a decision made in the heat of the moment is necessary, and that split-second – better get it right – decision is all we have to save the day.  Industry data confirms that the approach and landing phase is littered with in-the-moment decision making, and the closer we get to the earth, the fewer options we have at our disposal.  Perhaps the old tried and true has reached its limit of effectiveness.  After all, with all the technology advancements, our industry continues to experience far too many preventable accidents.  Perhaps it’s time to dig into not the “what” we are doing, but unpackage the “why” are we doing it.
Please join our distinguished panelists and me as we discuss a significant industry project to move us forward to a more contemporary – and effective – approach to managing awareness and decision making in the moment.
Aired Wednesday, September 15, 2021, at 1:00PM EDT