WYVERN Offers Free Webinar, “Fighting Organizational Fatigue – Industry Starts & Stops Can Stress The Organization”


We all place a great deal of safety energy on managing fatigue for our flight crews, and rightly so.  What we can sometimes lose sight of is, how is the organizational fatigue at your company?  With the industry seeing some recent rebounding, going from slow to busy, and back to slow, and back again to busy, it can be taxing on the organization’s focus.  Not only to be ready to grab the next business opportunity, but to ensure the organization is thinking clearly and making good risk assessments is all part of your organization’s fitness.  These times have been difficult for many of us to manage.  We all have much to do in our daily processes, but don’t forget to give your organizational machine the care and feeding it needs to be ready when the bell rings.

Our chief presenter will be Andreas Mauritzson, Vice President of Business Strategy for Sun Air Jets – a large Part 135 charter operator and aircraft management company, operating world-wide.  Andreas has a wealth of experience upon which to speak from.  Please join us to hear Andreas’ thoughts and to share your own experiences and/or good ideas.

Aired:   Wednesday July 8, 2020, 1:00pm US Eastern Daylight Time

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