WYVERN Webinar, “The Virtues of a Well-Oiled Safety Management System”


Years ago, a healthy and mature Safety Management System was hard to find, even at the best of operators.  Overall, the industry has made huge leaps over the last decade to embrace the tremendous benefits of an SMS.  Contemporary, leading edge organizations have likely taken their SMS to new heights, integrating their data with good relevant flight and ground information.  How effective is your SMS?  Perhaps you’re not as far away from the SMS “holy grail” as you might fear. Maybe all you need is a little help from a friend.

Our chief presenters will be Andreas Mauritzson, Vice President Business Strategy – Sun Air Jets, and Mary Harshbarger, Manager of Inflight Services and Assistant Director of Safety – Sun Air Jets.  Mary, Andreas and I will discuss the collaborative efforts between Sun Air Jets and WYVERN through the WYVERN Flight Leader Program, and how that path helped lead Sun Air Jets to a very effective SMS state.  Please join us to hear from Mary and Andreas.

Aired:   Wednesday November 18, 2020, 1:00pm US Eastern Daylight Time

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