WYVERN Wednesday Webinar Celebrates 50!


As we celebrate the delivery of our 50th WYVERN Wednesday Webinar, and reflect on the year that has been, we are very grateful to all the presenters who have delivered such meaningful content.  But we are most grateful to all those who make our Wednesday visits a regular stop every week, and hopefully hear something that will bring about a significant and positive change, or at least think a little differently.  

In this 50th edition, frequent co-moderator Tom Huff and I ponder key safety topics and NTSB’s Most Wanted and take a “year-in-review” look from the flight deck of the WYVERN Wednesday Webinar Series, and how we might continue to make good progress.  

Aired Wednesday, April 28, 2021 @ 1:00PM EDT

Click here for the Video Presentation