WYVERN Webinar, “The Deep Battle for Culture”


How’s the culture at your operation?  

If it’s good and healthy, good for you.  I’ll bet it took a fair bit of effort to get it there.  If, however, culture at your operation isn’t where you want it to be, how do you navigate through the journey towards a healthy organizational and safety culture? Perhaps it’s not as daunting as you might think.  You may just need a steady hand on the tiller to navigate through the turbulent waters and a shift in focus here and there to give culture the care and feeding it requires and deserves.  After all, culture is the fuel that feeds the SMS engine so putting energy into improving culture will have a very powerful effect throughout your organization.

In this unique webinar we will compare culture to a flowing river, sweeping everything into its powerful hydraulics as it moves.  The best plans, people, and safety management systems often fall victim to this force, without leaders really understanding its undercurrents or how they can be managed.  We’ll argue that there are always “headwaters” to cultural rivers where the flow is manageable, and that by identifying and managing these, we can achieve long term safety and success while building a powerful culture for both.

Our chief presenter will be Dr. Tony Kern, CEO & Founder of Convergent Performance.  Dr. Kern is one of the world’s leading authorities on human performance in time-constrained, error-intolerant environments, and has written and lectured on the subject around the globe for nearly two decades.  Please join us to hear Tony’s thoughts and to share your own experiences and/or good ideas.

Aired:   Wednesday September 30, 2020, 1:00pm US Eastern Daylight Time

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