WYVERN Webinar, “Managing Your Operation Through Its Worst Day”


We all work very hard to improve our operations by analyzing safety reports, analyzing flight data, and keeping tabs on our safety performance indicators.  Our SMS is vibrant and our culture is healthy.  You may feel you have everything in order and are ready for anything that might come your way.  But…are you ready to respond to your organization’s worst day?

Accidents can occur at any organization.    Experience shows that crisis preparation and readiness is a critical area that often doesn’t get the care and feeding that it deserves.  Even with all the best proactive planning and risk mitigation, your organization will be judged on the reaction during crisis, and an uncoordinated or uncaring response will have an immediate negative affect on the days that will follow.  In this time of crisis you will need the skills to swiftly respond in a well-trained way, not only to salvage the very reputation of your organization, but to enable the crisis managers to focus on doing the right thing, and passionately caring for those directly affected by the tragedy. 

In Part 1 of this two-part series, our chief presenters will be Tricia Coffman, who will share her story of losing her husband in a 2005 fatal accident, and Tom Huff, Aviation Safety Officer with Gulfstream Aerospace.  Tricia will share her experiences in what it was like hearing from her late husband’s employer, the NTSB, and numerous other information sources, and how that guided her through that difficult time.  Please join us to hear the remarks of Tricia and Tom.

Aired:   Wednesday October 21, 2020, 1:00pm US Eastern Daylight Time

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