WYVERN Webinar, “How good is the data you’re using to make good decisions?”


How good is your data?  In the dynamic environment of private or business aviation, we spend a lot of energy using data to make informed business decisions – every day.  Depending on what we are researching dictates where our data will come from.  “Is it smart to add this new aircraft type right now?”, “Should we expand into a new service area?”  Good questions that are hopefully supported by some good data.

Remember the talk we had about the business of Safety?  Good business decisions are undertaken every day in the business of running the business.  Good data driven decisions are a key element to making good risk assessments, and of course, the best decisions are supported by the best, most reliable data.

Our chief presenter will be Joe Barber, Vice President of Fleet Development for Wingman Operator Clay Lacy Aviation – a large Part 135 charter operator and aircraft management company operating world-wide.  Joe has a unique perspective on this topic and how it relates not only to making sound business decisions but also how it can connect to making good risk decisions through the analysis of good data.  Please join us to hear Joe’s thoughts and to share your own experiences and/or good ideas.

Aired:   Wednesday August 5, 2020, 1:00pm US Eastern Daylight Time

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