WYVERN Webinar, “‘What Did They Just Say?’ Culture On The Flight Deck”


Part of evaluating good CRM, one must also look at culture – not just organizational or safety culture, but the cultures of the people you might interact with throughout your mission.  The interest of the aviation industry in culture, especially safety culture, has been increasing in recent times. In the field of private and charter operations this has not yet received the same attention as for airlines although the influence of culture on operations is similar across the different types of operations. There has been some research demonstrating the strong professional culture among pilots but also that there can be different notions of safety culture even within organizations. Results show that focusing on this professional culture, reinforcing it and merging it with safety culture can provide a way forward in bridging the gap between procedures and practice. This presentation will highlight some aspects of culture and safety culture and link to how they can be trained.    

Culture and good CRM go hand-in-hand.  Expend some safety energy on improving professional and safety culture and you will have a positive influence on improving Crew Resource Management – something we can all agree is a critical element of a safe organization.

Part 91 and 135 operations are very different than their 121 or equivalent counterparts.  However, there are some things that our 91/135 industry segment can learn from the big guys.  Using the knowledge gained through some of their vast resources is a no-brainer, especially when it comes to CRM and Human Factors.

Our chief presenter will be Dr. Nicklas Dahlstrom, Human Factors Manager at Emirates Airline, a large world-wide passenger air carrier.  Nicklas has been with Emirates since 2007, and in this position, he has overseen CRM training in a rapidly expanding airline and while also being part of efforts to integrate Human Factors in the organization. In additional to his normal duties, he has done work for other organizations, namely the UN World Food Program’s Aviation Safety unit and is currently a member of ICAO’s Human Performance Task Force. In 2018 he received Civil Aviation Training magazine’s Pioneer award for his work in the aviation industry.  Please join us to hear Dr. Dahlstrom’s thoughts and to share your own experiences and/or good ideas.

Aired:   Wednesday August 19, 2020, 1:00pm US Eastern Daylight Time

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