We Welcome Thro Aviation, Inc. dba Zenflight, as a New Registered with WYVERN Operator!

Ronkonkoma, New York: Zenflight has successfully enrolled in the Registered with WYVERN  Membership program. The Registered with WYVERN safety data network is an essential component of our Aviation Compliance Enhancement System (ACES). 

 About Registered with WYVERN:       

Registered with WYVERN Operators maintain regulatory compliance information related to the operator, aircraft, and pilots in ACES that is accessible to WYVERN members to consider when selecting air charter services. 
Being a Registered with WYVERN Operator makes it possible to connect with and to discover new sources of air transportation among the hundreds of members in the WYVERN safety data network. 
Registered with WYVERN Operator data also displays in WYVERN’s Safety Intelligence Report, a resource customers refer to when exploring safe charter operator options.
Note: Registered with WYVERN Operators do not validate their safety performance via a WYVERN aviation safety audit. Registered with WYVERN does not constitute a safety certificate nor is it intended to imply an endorsement of an operator’s commitment to best practices in business aviation.

Learn more about WYVERN LTD here.

About Zenflight:

Zenflight was built by fliers, for fliers. They go the extra mile to bring satisfaction and joy to every trip, along with some peace of mind. The Zenflight team operates a growing fleet of Gulfstreams, Falcons, Pilatus’, and helicopters, as well as their preferred network of best in class operators.

Learn more about Zenflight here. 

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