Aviation Compliance Enhancement System (ACES) Software to Launch in June


Exciting times are near!

In alignment with our mission, “to elevate safety and security worldwide”, WYVERN is launching our next generation Aviation Compliance Enhancement System (ACES) which will replace the current data platform supported by Avinode. 

ACES will provide the Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) reports, Safety Intelligence Reports (SIR), The Wingman Report (TWR), and the other essential features you have depended on over the years to ensure operations are conducted professionally and in compliance with federal regulations and international standards. This next generation system is also designed with the latest software technology to ensure a mobile-friendly experience.

ACES offers a cleaner dashboard and more efficient processing. Yet, the most important feature will be the customer support that adapts to your needs, which comes from WYVERN’s complete design and ownership of the new system. During the transition, you may note minor issues that our development team will resolve in an efficient manner. These experiences are inevitable, yet we hope you see them as growing pains that offer you the agile and customer-oriented experience you have been asking for.

ACES is the future of aviation safety information. With global information at our fingertips, you should always “know before you go”. You are the boss! ACES provides you with the safety information related to the operator, pilots, aircraft so you can make the final call to protect the ones you love.



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