The most robust operator database in the aviation industry, WYVERN's Safety Intelligence Report (SIR) gives you everything you need to research and make informed decisions about vendors.

By the Numbers:

  • 3,000+ air charter operators, globally, including audited Wingman Certified Operators.
  • 18,000 aircraft to source from pistons to VIP airliners.
  • More than 21,000 pilots with background checks performed weekly  on US pilots.

WYVERN Helps You to Vet Your Charter Vendors

  • Evidence of Legal Documentation - verified Air Operating Certificate (AOC) and Operations Specifications including areas of operation and list of key management personnel.
  • Fleet Data - all aircraft listed on a certified AOC with details including registration number, serial number, exterior and interior images, seats available, base of operations, onboard amenities and insurance liability coverage.
  • Crew Qualifications - list of all pilots with training dates, total flight time, verified license and medical certificates, and accident / incident background records.
  • NTSB, AID, and EIS Records - Accident / Incident Data (AID) records and Enforcement Information Systems (EIS) records for viewing in one simple interface. (US only)
  • Unmanned updates coming soon! 

 Use WYVERN's Sophisticated ACES Safety Data Platform to Access:

  • Air Operator Certificate Informationimg-plane-large.jpg
  • Operations Specifications
  • Fleet Listings
  • Pilot Rosters
  • Insurance
  • Accident / Incident Data for operators, worldwide 
  • Background Checks for Operators and Pilots (US Only)
  • Wingman  Standard PASS trip due-diligence tools after vetting a service provider

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