The most robust operator database in the aviation industry, Wyvern's Safety Intelligence Report (SIR) gives you everything you need to research and make informed decisions about vendors.

SIR By the Numbers:

  • 3,000+ air charter operators, globally, including audited Wingman Certified Operators.
  • 18,000 aircraft to source from pistons to VIP airliners.
  • More than 21,000 pilots with background checks performed weekly  on US pilots.

Wyvern Helps You to Vet Your Charter Vendors

  • Evidence of Legal Documentation - verified Air Operating Certificate (AOC) and Operations Specifications including areas of operation and list of key management personnel.
  • Fleet Data - all aircraft listed on a certified AOC with details including registration number, serial number, exterior and interior images, seats available, base of operations, onboard amenities and insurance liability coverage.
  • Crew Qualifications - list of all pilots with training dates, total flight time, verified license and medical certificates, and accident / incident background records.
  • NTSB, AID, and EIS Records - Accident / Incident Data (AID) records and Enforcement Information Systems (EIS) records for viewing in one simple interface. (US only)
  • Unmanned updates coming soon! 

 Use Wyvern's Sophisticated Platform to Access:

  • Air Operator Certificate Informationimg-plane-large.jpg
  • Operations Specifications
  • Fleet Listings
  • Pilot Rosters
  • Insurance
  • Accident / Incident Data for operators, worldwide 
  • Background Checks for Operators and Pilots (US Only)
  • Wingman  Standard PASS trip due-diligence tools after vetting a service provider

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