WYVERN Requires SMS for Registered Operators


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An effective Safety Management System (SMS) is a global standard throughout the aviation industry. It is required by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for all commercial aircraft operations and recognized as a basic element of professional management by civil aviation authorities (CAAs) around the world. SMSs provide:

  • A structured means of safety risk management for improved decision making
  • A means of demonstrating safety management capability before system failures occur
  • Increased confidence in risk controls though structured safety assurance processes
  • An effective interface for knowledge sharing between stakeholders
  • A safety promotion framework to support a sound safety culture

For many years, WYVERN has required Wingman Certified Operators to maintain an effective SMS based on the ICAO framework. Recently, the NTSB added the following to their Top 10 Most Wanted List, “[To] improve the safety of Part 135 Aircraft flight operations…Part 135 operators must implement safety management systems.” WYVERN agrees with the NTSB! Therefore, beginning July 1, 2019, all WYVERN Registered Operators will have six months to self-validate their implementation of an SMS. WYVERN will send the self-validation forms to each WYVERN Registered Operator.

Beginning in January, 2020, WYVERN will schedule each Registered Operator for a virtual assessment to enhance their SMS performance validation. These assessments will be conducted by WYVERN safety experts. This step is a natural progression in the evolution of safety risk management via SMS worldwide, and it will not end with Registered Operators, as all key service providers who have the potential to affect the safety of flight operations should implement and maintain an effective SMS.

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