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EASA Outlines Guidance To Inspect Pitot Static Systems After Long Storage


EASA – European Union Aviation Safety Agency has noticed an alarming trend in the number of reports of unreliable speed and altitude indications during the first flight(s) following the aircraft leaving storage, caused by contaminated air data systems.

We Welcome Flapper as a WYVERN Certified Broker!


Flapper has secured its designation of a WYVERN Certified Broker, by completing a successful audit. While all WYVERN brokers promise to abide by WYVERN’s professional codes of practice, only WYVERN Certified Air Charter Brokers are thoroughly vetted by an experienced, professional, internationally accredited, aviation safety auditor.

WYVERN Requires SMS for Registered Operators

Safety Management System (SMS) is a global standard throughout the aviation industry. It is required by the ICAO for all commercial aircraft operations and recognized as a basic element of professional management by civil aviation authorities around the world.