WYVERN Awards N-Jet ‘Flight Leader’ Certificate!


Nashua, New Hampshire – WYVERN is pleased to announce N-Jet of Wheeling, IL as the newest Certified Flight Leader! The innovative Flight Leader Program focuses less on regular auditing, and more on SMS effectiveness, as well as human factors and organizational culture (areas involved in 70-80% of mishaps, but are often not well understood, and often not well addressed). Operators are coached by industry veterans in a progressive, quarterly self-assessment and validation cycle with the intent of enhancing safety culture. The program provides pathways for operators of every level of advancement, ultimately culminating in the pinnacle of the program, the Flight Leader Certificate. Further, the program allows the operator to initially gain new and/or maintain existing Wingman certification without on-site audits.

“WYVERN is delighted to announce N-Jet’s exceptional achievement as a Certified Flight Leader! Just as in professional formation flying, the wingman is promoted to flight leader only when their professionalism, safety-critical core competencies, and leadership have risen to a level that earns TRUST from the other wingmen. A Flight Leader inspires other wingmen to reach higher and attain new levels of excellence. N-Jet’s recognition as a WYVERN Certified Flight Leader is evidence of their positive safety culture and their expertise in managing human and organizational factors that matter most in aviation safety”, says Sonnie Bates, CEO, WYVERN Ltd. “We would like to thank WYVERN for this incredible opportunity to be one of the first to participate in the Flight Leader program,” says Howard Seedorf, N-Jet president and CEO. “We’ve spent the last 41 years focused on safety standards improving them for our clients and industry. We’re thrilled to be a part of this new era of safety culture,” added Seedorf.   While numerous operators have joined the program in the last 12 months, N-Jet is among the initial cadre of operators to be awarded the certificate, having demonstrated effectiveness across all necessary areas of the program.

Please join us in congratulating N-Jet on their achievement of this evolutionary step in safety and safety culture.

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