Why Do You Need The Flight Leader Program?
The Flight Leader Program Addresses Culture

The Flight Leader Program prevents 'performance drift' in your organization by continual monitoring versus auditing. Somewhere between 70-80% of serious incidents/accidents identify human factors as contributing or causal. These human factors are often symptoms of organizational factors which are driven by organizational culture. The Flight Leader Program promotes and enables a safety culture via continual soft-skills training and monitoring of safety performance indicators connected to human and organizational factors.

Your WYVERN Safety Expert will guide you along the journey and provide frequent, quarterly assessments of your progress and recommendations to achieve 90-day goals. This personal touch is what differentiates WYVERN from other legacy audit programs.

WYVERN Safety Program Benefits
Safety and Security Risk Management Software
Manage your safety and security risks professionally with WYVERN's total risk management system.
UAS Certification
A global, independent, standardized, third-party assessment and industry best practices accreditation which exceeds regulatory minimums for all unmanned and autonomous applications.
Safety Leader Training
The best approach to gain the essential skills and knowledge needed to effectively lead a Safety Management System in any organization.
The Audit Process
WYVERN conducts all audits in accordance with international principles and processes as described in ISO 19011.
WYVERN Flight Leader Accreditation & Pre-Requisites
Flight Leader Accreditation 

WYVERN Flight Leader Accreditation Validates:

  • Conformance with international standards
  • SMS Operates at ICAO or NAA Level 4
  • Safety Culture (Informed, Just, Learning, and Reporting)
  • Effective Human Factors Management Program
  • Effective Flight Data Analysis Program
  • Endorsement of Code of Professionalism
Flight Leader Program Pre-Requisites

The WYVERN Flight Leader Accreditation represents the pinnacle of operational excellence in the aviation industry. The prerequisites to enter the program are as follows:

  • Safety Leader Training
  • SMS Performing at Level 2 minimum
  • Implement a Human Factors Management Program
  • Employ Flight Data Analysis Program (FOQA)
  • Implement Cultural Analysis Program
  • Endorse Flight Leader Code of Professionalism 
  • Alignment with International Standards (Wingman or other standard deemed suitable by WYVERN)

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