We Welcome OnFlight as a New WYVERN Registered Operator!


Cincinnati, OH:  OnFlight, Inc. has successfully enrolled as a WYVERN Registered Operator.  The WYVERN Registered Operator safety data network is an essential component of our Aviation Compliance Enhancement System (ACES).

WYVERN Registered Operators can be seen by thousands of users (brokers, corporations, and other air charter operators) who are looking for partnerships to help with their air charter needs.  Say goodbye to the risk of illegal charter and say hello to safety transparency by running a Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) report on other operators.  Research operators with WYVERN’s proprietary Safety Intelligence Report (SIR). These reports confirm their legal status as an operator with national authority, pilot experience, aircraft condition, enforcement actions, incidents, and accident history. This gives you peace of mind!


WYVERN was founded in 1991 by a group of safety-focused professionals who created The Wingman Standard for rigorously vetting air charter operators. Soon thereafter, WYVERN officially became the world’s first business aviation audit company.

With inspired leadership and an agile, innovative team, WYVERN has grown into the premier aviation risk management firm.  An ISO-9001 service provider, WYVERN continually guides aviation stakeholders in risk management decision-making through our unsurpassed education, training, consulting, auditing, expert coaching, SMS software, and safety intelligence database. We bring passion and excitement to work every day, constantly working to innovate and improve the lives of the people we serve.

Our Mission
To elevate aviation safety worldwide.

Our Vision
Every operator has an effective SMS.

Our Values
Professionalism, Innovation, Relationships

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About OnFlight

Founded in 1999, OnFlight, Inc. is a personal flight department and aircraft charter company with over 23 years of experience in operating many types of jet aircraft and serving many individuals. Located conveniently in the Midwest at Cincinnati Lunken Municipal Airport (LUK), their primary focus is providing safe and efficient transportation with first-class amenities. OnFlight, Inc. prides itself in operating state of the art aircraft and maintaining those aircraft to the highest standards.

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