The Need for SMS Software

I’ve been involved with educating the aviation community about the benefits of having an SMS for about 10 years. All along, the message has been consistent that you can have an SMS using any set of reasonable tools that works for you, i.e. dry erase boards, paper, spreadsheets, clipboards, and/or contemporary software. However, with the international aviation community working to integrate Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS) and Flight Data Analysis Programs (FDAP) into their SMS, as recommended, and in many cases required, by ICAO, it is becoming more important to stress the value of SMS software to facilitate these integrations. Learn more about our SMS software solutions here. 

A well-designed SMS software solution allows the capture of safety data from both FRMS and FDAP systems effortlessly via an application programming interface (API). APIs connect to crew scheduling software and flight data analysis programs, automatically populating your SMS with valuable data that is analyzed by the software based on triggers the operator chooses. The software then flags any data point that exceeds the defined threshold and, voila, you have a safety entry automatically generated by your software solutions that are meaningful and represent your actual operations.


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