Why Become Wingman Certified?
Wingman Certified Operators are distinguished by higher safety commitment and achievement.

A Wingman Operator aligns their practices with the Wingman Standard, the most practical and purposeful aviation safety standard in the industry. Wingmen continue evolving their operations and growing their businesses while benefiting from alignment with best practices in aviation safety risk management. 

Commercial Wingman Operators maintain operational safety intelligence information in our cloud-based solution available for a Wingman Standard PASS Report. Becoming a Wingman Certified Operator elevates your visibility among risk-averse corporate clients, brokers, and end user clients who exclusively source charter from The Wingman Report (TWR).

Wingman Certification Benefits
The Wingman Program
The  Wingman Program is the most practical and purposeful safety certification program in business aviation.
Audit Process
Each Wingman Certified Operator undergoes an initial and then recurring audit every 24 months to verify compliance to the performance-based Wingman Standard.
Flight Leader Program
Flight leaders achieve the highest level of safety by validating their safety performance quarterly via virtual mini-audits versus biennial onsite audits. 
The PASS Program
PASS (Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey) allows Wingman Certified Operators to provide Wingman Standard trip-specific PASS Reports to all clients.
The scope of Wingman Certification evaluation includes validating SMS performance in accordance with ICAO Annex 19 and ICAO Doc 9859.

The assessment includes, but is not limited to: SMS analysis, company structure, organizational culture,  human factors, training programs, flight operations, and maintenance operations.

Download ICAO 9859
Wingman Operator Resources
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Wingman Certified Operators are an elite group who align their practices with professional international industry standards. WYVERN assesses the effectiveness of each operator's management system related to safety risk management, pilot competency, aircraft technician competency, aircraft airworthiness, human factors, and organizational culture. Research Wingman Operators by location or name on our Wingman Directory.
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