Why Become Wingman Certified?
Premiere auditing service in conjunction with our signature membership.

A Wingman Operator meets and maintains The Wingman Standard. Wingmen are able to continue growing their businesses while constantly striving toward the safest and most proactive risk management practices in the industry.

Wingmen maintain operational safety intelligence information in our cloud-based solution available for a Wingman Standard PASS Report. Becoming a Wingman elevates your visibility among risk-averse corporate clients and brokers who exclusively source charter from The Wingman Report (TWR).

Wingman Benefits
The Wingman Standard
The Wingman Standard is a collection of aviation best practices and the highest audit standard in business aviation.
Audit Process
Each Wingman Operator undergoes an initial and then recurring audit every 24 months to verify compliance to the performance-based Wingman Standard.
An Exclusive Database
The Wingman Report (TWR) is a directory composed exclusively of Wingman Operators accessible to Wyvern corporate and broker clientele.
The Wingman PASS Program
PASS allows Wingman Operators to provide Wingman Standard trip-specific PASS Reports to all clients.

The scope of Wingman Certification evaluation includes the operational activities referenced in the most recent ICAO 9859 Safety Management Manual document. 

This includes a review of operational history, safety records, SMS, IEP, administrative composition, technical documentation, pilot and aircraft records, training requirements, and maintenance operations including technician training and experience.

Download ICAO 9859
Wingman Resources
Find a Wingman Operator
Wingman Certified Operators are an elite group whose air charter services are in high demand because they have passed Wyvern’s Wingman Standard. Search for Wingman Operators by location or name on the Wingman Directory.
Review the Latest Wingman Standard
Consistent with Wyvern’s approach to remaining the benchmark for assessing and managing risk in the business aviation environment, Wyvern issued Revision 3.2 to the Wingman Standard on 22 January 2016. Revision 3.2 further defines the commitment of those operators in our Wingman program.

The Wingman Standard

Download our latest set of audit standards and aviation best practices for Wingman Standard.

Download Revision 3.2