Looking for a Challenge?

Join the Elite Group of Wingman Operators
Looking for a challenge? How about join the elite group of Wingman Operators! Continually improve your company and culture by becoming a Wingman Certified Operator.

Wingman Certified Operators are an elite group whose air charter services are in high demand because they conform to the industry’s most robust air charter safety standard – THE WINGMAN STANDARD.

The Wingman Standard is recognized as the air charter industry’s most challenging, yet valuable certification to achieve. The Wingman Standard was validated by an independent aviation research firm as being the most robust commercial aviation safety audit standard and best aligned with ICAO’s standards and recommended practices for commercial flight operations and safety management systems. Being a Certified Wingman Operator allows you to operate worldwide with less risk.

Your journey to become a Wingman starts by undergoing an initial audit. After the successful completion of a Wingman Certified Operator Audit, you will be sent a Wingman Certificate and appear in WYVERN’s Aviation Compliance Enhancement System (ACES), as well as listed as a prestigious Wingman Operator on our website. ACES generates meaningful and valuable safety intelligence reports such as the Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS). Becoming a Wingman Operator elevates your visibility among air charter stakeholders who exclusively source from the list Wingman Certified Operators.

Up for the challenge? Contact the WYVERN Audit Programs today!

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