WYVERN: The Circling Approach – If You Insist


WYVERN HEADQUARTERS, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA – May 13, 2024:  

WYVERN, the global leader in aviation safety and risk management, is pleased to announce that we have published a new Circling Approach Guidance Document for the aviation industry. 

We’ve all likely been there.  The mission has been long, the weather marginal, and now, to cap things off, our final leg is into an uncontrolled field where the only available approach is the dreaded Circling Approach. 

You may recall that your operation’s leadership has pledged their support of your decision-making authority. You just performed this maneuver in the simulator a month ago and nailed it, right?  Was it KMEM or KJFK?  You step back, evaluate the factors at hand, and know you’ll make a smart decision.  But, deep down, you feel the pressure to perform just like you’ve been trained, so you conduct a good crew brief and press on…sound familiar? 

What best-practice guidance is out there to help make those smart decisions?  Ideally, your leadership has provided you with some tools in the form of aircraft equipment, additional training, or policy guidance about their expectations and to guide you through managing risk in these times. Even so, some factors like fatigue, alertness, or proficiency just sometimes can’t be anticipated, and you might be left in an awkward spot. 

Renowned industry safety practitioners and WYVERN™ Flight Leader Coaches Mario Jimenez and Tom Huff have compiled the WYVERN Circling Approach Guidance Document – an open resource for any operation to use when considering handling this high-risk maneuver. Our objective was not to rewrite nor prescribe the procedures on Circling Approaches, but rather provide a single risk management tool that can help answer the question often asked, “Where can I find good guidance on the risks involved and how to mitigate them?”  Simply stated, it is our intent that this single resource inspires operators of all sizes and scope to proactively manage and mitigate the risks of performing Circling Approaches. 

The WYVERN Flight Leader Program™ was designed to elevate beyond traditional methods and presents a progressive way for operators to implement an effective SMS and/or achieve Wingman® certification. With world-class coaching and tools, the Flight Leader Program provides all the necessary support to help you achieve your safety goals. Elite operations from around the globe have “seen the light” and realized the holistic benefits of healthy, meaningful collaboration that the Flight Leader Program inspires. 

Get engaged! Get on-board! And manage risk like a pro! 

WYVERN’s new Circling Approach Guidance Document is here. 

WYVERN’S Resource Center, which has all Guidance Documents and safety aids, is here. 

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WYVERN is a globally recognized leader in aviation safety, providing unparalleled education, training, consulting, auditing, and safety intelligence solutions. With a mission to elevate aviation safety worldwide, WYVERN empowers aviation stakeholders to make informed decisions and manage risks effectively.  WYVERN was founded in 1991 by a group of safety-focused professionals who created The Wingman Standard for rigorously vetting air charter operators and became the world’s first business aviation audit company.  WYVERN works relentlessly every day to lead and support the highest safety standards to ensure safe air transportation and provides objective information and data to vet charter flights and operations.   

As a globally recognized ISO-9001 certified service provider, WYVERN offers world-class coaching, auditing, consulting, SMS software, and ACES safety intelligence database that links safety-focused operators and brokers. 

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