Nashua, NH, USA – WYVERN, the world’s leading private aviation safety risk management company, was acquired by Venturous Capital, a USA private investment group. The transaction: 

  • Assures WYVERN’s continuation of current leadership and staffing levels  
  • Guarantees WYVERN’s uninterrupted excellent service to customers 
  • Provides financial resources required for WYVERN’s future strategic growth       

 Quote WYVERN CEO, Sonnie Bates: 

“We are very excited about the recent acquisition of WYVERN by Venturous Capital, a US investment firm who passionately supports our mission to elevate safety and security worldwide. Venturous is committed to provide WYVERN with all the necessary resources to achieve our goals. Under the new ownership, WYVERN will continue providing excellent service to our customers around the world. Venturous fully approves our strategic objectives in private and commercial aviation, in manned and unmanned aircraft systems, and embraces our core values of integrity, innovation, excellence, and positive relationships to achieve our vision that every operator has an effective safety management system.”