ExecuJet Australia Becomes First WYVERN Wingman FBO


WYVERN HEADQUARTERS, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA – May 20, 2024:

WYVERN, the global leader in aviation and risk management, is pleased to announce that, after a comprehensive in-person audit, ExecuJet Australia has successfully become WYVERN’s first Wingman FBO, clearly demonstrating their unwavering commitment to safety and constant improvement.

As the world’s first business aviation audit company founded in 1991, WYVERN guides our aviation stakeholders in risk management decision-making. With WYVERN’s mission to elevate aviation safety worldwide, the newly created WYVERN Wingman FBO audit assists FBOs with elevating their organization’s safety and validating the professionalism demonstrated by each FBO. This audit identifies and confirms FBOs that meet rigorous international industry best practices and standards that establish safety and service programs for their operations. WYVERN’s Wingman FBO is the highest achievement for an FBO!  WYVERN continues innovating with Wingman FBO, a natural evolution to assist our FBO customers.  The WYVERN Wingman ecosystem continues to grow and add value among our Charter Jet operators, Charter Helicopter operators, UAS operators, Charter Brokers, MROs, and FBOs. 

Jeremy Durrant, ExecuJet Australia’s Quality Assurance & Safety Manager, proudly states, “We are very pleased to be the first WYVERN Wingman FBO in the program, and we will display that honor with pride.”

WYVERN Audit Support Manager, Lead Auditor, and Flight Leader Coach Stewart MacPherson states, “As WYVERN’s Audit Support Manager and the auditor that conducted this audit, I am thrilled to acknowledge ExecuJet Australia’s achievement as the first of many WYVERN Wingman FBO Operators worldwide. Their unwavering commitment to safety, bolstered by their cohesive team and exceptional leadership, sets a benchmark for excellence in the industry.”

“The WYVERN Team and I welcome ExecuJet Australia as the first WYVERN Wingman FBO, and we are thrilled to work with them in their goals of safety and growth!  Becoming a WYVERN Wingman FBO is a great step for an FBO as it shows customers and prospects that the element of safety is part of an organization’s core values.  WYVERN applauds ExecuJet Australia for being a trailblazer and joining our ranks,” states Andrew Day, WYVERN’s Senior Vice President, Operations.


WYVERN is a globally recognized leader in aviation safety, providing unparalleled education, training, consulting, auditing, and safety intelligence solutions.  With a mission to elevate aviation safety worldwide, WYVERN empowers aviation stakeholders to make informed decisions and manage risks effectively.  WYVERN was founded in 1991 by a group of safety-focused professionals who created The Wingman Standard for rigorously vetting air charter operators and became the world’s first business aviation audit company.  WYVERN works relentlessly every day to lead and support the highest safety standards to ensure safe air transportation and provides objective information and data to vet charter flights and operations.  

As a globally recognized ISO-9001 certified service provider, WYVERN offers world-class coaching, auditing, consulting, SMS software, and ACES safety intelligence database that links safety-focused operators and brokers.

WYVERN’s diverse customer base includes Charter Jet operators, Charter Helicopter operators, UAS operators, Corporate Flight Departments, Aerospace and Defense Manufacturers, Charter Brokers, MROs, and FBOs, all of whom benefit from our comprehensive aviation safety solutions.  

The WYVERN Team’s core values are Professionalism, Innovation, and Relationships.  

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