Wingman. It’s the real thing.

Coca-Cola, the world-renowned soda pop, was first served on May 8th, 1886, in Atlanta, Georgia. While we didn’t know it at the time, the recipe of caramel-colored liquid that Mr. John Pemberton was crafting would eventually become an American icon that would shape the beverage industry for generations. Fast-forward over a century to 1991, WYVERN was founded with the mission of creating top-tier safety and quality standards in the aviation industry – standards that would hold up against the toughest of inspections and safety checks. WYVERN’s Wingman Program directly reflects the company’s commitment to safety excellence in private aviation.
Just like Coke became an American icon, WYVERN became an aviation icon for safety and quality standards. When you see the WYVERN Wingman logo, you know that the operator has met the highest standards in aviation – from verifying an operator’s certificate, insurance, and aircraft requirements to crew experience. WYVERN certifies that the flight you’re boarding isn’t just safe; it’s WYVERN safe.
Coke’s unique flavor stood out as the first of its kind, leading other companies to attempt replication. Despite these efforts, the signature taste of Coca-Cola remains irreplicable, just as no one can replicate WYVERN’s commitment to safety or the level of expertise present within the organization. While Coke has a timeless classic appeal that will forever remain an American favorite, every day, operators and passengers worldwide embrace the assurance provided by the WYVERN Wingman program, ensuring their flights are operated to the industry’s highest safety and quality safety standards.