The Wingman Standard 4.0

The Wingman Standard 4.0 was approved and published last week. It supports WYVERN’s mission “To elevate safety and security worldwide” and our vision, “Every operator has an effective SMS”. With the updated Standard, we aspire to achieve this vision with our values of integrity, excellence, innovation, and relationships.


The Wingman Standard 4.0 continues with the commitment to hold Wingman certified operators to the high standards our corporate clients, brokers, and end-users expect. Conformance to The Wingman Standard demonstrates a rigorous and proactive commitment to safety risk management throughout the organization. Therefore, we continue our focus on identifying hazards and mitigating associated safety risks to the lowest practical level in all aspects of operations.


The Wingman Certification


The Wingman Standard 4.0 incorporates a holistic approach to risk mitigation that identifies the benefits of:

  • The most recent safety performance standards published by the Safety Management International Collaboration Group (SMICG), a distinguished team led by the FAA, Transport Canada, EASA, Australia, UK CAA, etc.;
  • Simplified maintenance professional training standards;
  • Training for all personnel that focuses on human/organizational factors;
  • Upset prevention and recovery training to prevent loss of control inflight;
  • Combined PIC and SIC experience in type for PASS reports;
  • Adequate insurance coverage as a leading indicator of operator financial health;
  • Experience of our more senior pilots who enhance safety on the front line;
  • Ensuring the SIC holds an ATP rating (or equivalent) for PASS reports;
  • Pilot turbine experience on PASS reports;
  • Simplified pilot recency of experience requirements; and
  • Clarity related to full-motion flight simulator training requirements.

If you have any questions related to The Wingman Standard, please contact us at

Your Wingman

The WYVERN Team!

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