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SMS Software

Your customizable SMS software includes (all components fully integrated):

  • Branded user portal
  • Safety & Quality reporting (Unlimited customizable report types)
  • State of the art risk analysis, assessment, and mitigation tools
  • FRAT/MRAT and other pre-operation risk analysis (Unlimited customizable analyses templates)
  • Audit module (Unlimited customizable audit templates, both internal and external)
  • CASS module
  • Management of change module
  • Performance monitoring/SPIs
  • Emergency Response Plan module 
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Flight Leader Program

The WYVERN Flight Leader Program was designed to elevate beyond traditional methods and present a progressive way for operators to validate their SMS and Safety Culture.

At its heart, the Flight Leader Program is about culture, professionalism, and human performance – at your operation and in the industry.  The program’s focus includes a high degree of emphasis on human and organizational factors – frequently overlooked aspects of the safety ecosystem cited as contributing or causal in 80% of serious incidents/accidents. 

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  • Ability to Self Vet Charter
  • SMS Software
  • Flight Leader Coaching
  • FREE Safety Leader Training
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