Pegasus Elite Aviation, Inc. Renews Their Wingman Certification

Bedford, Massachusetts: Pegasus Elite Aviation, Inc. has successfully completed the requirements to be recognized as a certified WYVERN Wingman Operator! Wingman certified operators undergo a rigorous process in which their safety management system, flight operations, and maintenance operations are scrutinized. The WYVERN Wingman Standard is a globally recognized seal of excellence. WYVERN uses state-of-the-art technology to obtain accurate, real- time data to ensure all stakeholders that each flight meets the Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) requirements. Thousands of data points are reviewed within the system every day, which makes WYVERN’s approach to safety unique in the industry.


WYVERN Ltd is the leader in manned and unmanned aviation safety risk management and training. Building on its 27-year reputation for delivering value to the aviation community, WYVERN ensures operational excellence through its flagship Wingman Program for manned aircraft operations. WYVERN’s EXACT Program is a comprehensive and professional safety certification program for UAS end users and operators of unmanned air vehicles. WYVERN’s Safety Leader Training Course provides the education and training that enables professionals to skillfully lead and achieve essential safety objectives in any organization.

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About Pegasus Elite Aviation, Inc.:

Pegasus Aircraft Management is an industry leader in business jet operations. Based in Van Nuys, CA, we are well placed to provide a comprehensive suite of in-house-managed aircraft services. With extensive experience in operations, our strength lies in our ability to provide our Hybrid Management philosophy to your operation, including a wide variety of management and charter services. 

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