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Only an operator who has successfully passed a Wingman audit and is in good standing with WYVERN may call themselves a Wingman Certified Operator.  Leading charter buyers rely on WYVERN for reliable safety intelligence and incorporate WYVERN’s safety vetting tools in their sourcing process. WYVERN promotes Wingman Operators by listing them on The Wingman Report (TWR), the highly respected directory of premier operators. Fortune 500 companies utilize the TWR when sourcing air charter. WYVERN also promotes Wingman Operators through the Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) system where WYVERN buyers vet company, aircraft, and crew for each individual trip.

Customers Using WYVERN PASS Include:

  • Leading Corporate Flight Departments
  • WYVERN Brokers
  • WYVERN Wingman & Registered operators managing vendors
  • Fractional and Jet Card Membership Programs

In a competitive market, standing out from the competition is everyone’s goal and as a WYVERN Wingman you are able to do that. As a WYVERN Wingman you show your commitment to safety and are rewarded with the following marketing exposure:

  • Exclusive right to market yourself as a WYVERN Wingman
  • Use of the WYVERN Wingman logo in marketing materials, website and sales materials
  • A Press release template to broadcast your dedication to safety
  • Exclusive listing on The Wingman Report, the highly respected directory of premier operators
  • Extended marketing of your Wingman Status in the world’s largest marketplace for air charter


As a Wingman Operator you will have access to WYVERN's safety data platform, Aviation Compliance Enhancement System (ACES), and be able to make better decisions based on the most up-to-date aviation safety information in the industry. 

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All Wingman Operators receive Basic Membership for no additional charge. Basic Members can update operator, aircraft, and pilot data to "be seen" and considered as a service option for customers using our system. 


Premium service is available for a reasonable fee and allows members to research other operators with the following tools:

  • Safety Intelligence Report (SIR) - Evaluate an operator from a safety perspective by looking at fleet, management, personnel, pilot, insurance and incident data.
  • The Wingman Report (TWR) – Source charter through the world’s largest database of on-site audited operators complying with The Wingman Standard, a globally recognized seal of aviation safety excellence.
  • Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) reports. Validate that each flight is not only legal, but meets the coveted Wingman Standard.


24/7 support team working with you to always make sure your data in PASS is up to date and meeting minimum requirements. They’re always only a phone call, or email away from you.
The Wingman Program validates Safety Culture, SPIs & Targets, conformance to ICAO Level 4, and compliance with SMS regulations
Validation is accomplished via an onsite assessment and continuous monitoring to prevent performance drift
Wingman Operators are eligible for safety perfomance coaching in lieu of recurring audits

“I am very proud to tell our clients that Meridian Air Charter is a Wyvern Wingman operator. Our charter fleet goes through rigorous safety audits to ensure that we are either meeting or exceeding the industry’s highest safety standards. Our aircraft and crew are constantly being inspected and tested so that we always remain diligent. Safety has always been, and will always be, our highest priority.  In turn, it also gives our charter sales team the benefit of selecting operators that have been vetted by Wyvern. This process provides an intangible value to the entire business aviation industry because it raises the bar for all of us.”

Chris Battaglia Director of Charter Sales, Meridian Air Charter 

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