Did you know? 

Professionalism and safety risk management are connected.

But what is professionalism and can it be measured?

They are many ways to describe professionalism. The NBAA Safety Committee identified six traits of personal professionalism:

1) Character (integrity, honesty, truthfulness, responsibility, ethics, mentoring, etc.)

2) Attitude (serving mindset, determination, initiative, team player, etc.)

3) Engagement (participate, provide feedback, volunteer, partner with others, etc.)

4) Competency (skill, expertise in your field, good communicator, take training seriously, etc.) 

5) Image (mature, loyal, respectful, maintain confidentiality, dependable, etc.)

6) Continuous improvement (debrief to continually improve, see setbacks as learning opportunities, etc.)

I believe that professionalism is at the heart of achieving goals in safety and security. Furthermore, we are so passionate about this idea at WYVERN that we require all our Flight Leader Program members to endorse a Code of Professionalism.

But can it be measured? The short answer is, yes.  WYVERN created a Professionalism Self-Assessment Survey that is aligned well with the NBAA Safety Committee’s framework and scientifically grounded in peer-reviewed research. You can participate in this survey at the bottom of this message. 

In closing, WYVERN’s established values include integrity, excellence, innovation, and relationships. However, if I had to sum up all our core values into one word, it would be “Professionalism”.

Manage Risk Wisely,

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