Wyvern is proud to announce the addition of SHY Aviation as a Wyvern Broker member

SHY Aviation was formed in 2011 and has grown rapidly in an established and competitive market. The company’s philosophy is highly personalized and centers around the buyer’s journey. The focus is on every detail of a flight, no matter how small. The company arranges both jet and helicopter charter and cargo shipments, globally. With multiple offices around the world, SHY Aviation team offers

  • 50+ years combined aviation experience
  • 11 Languages spoken
  • Global expertise in aircraft procurement
  • Sole dedication to Ad-hoc and ACMI Charters
  • Regional market knowledge 

As a Wyvern Broker SHY Aviation has access to the data needed to identify and research operators to check and verify crucial safety information concerning an operator, aircraft, and pilots on a mission-specific basis. With access to the audited Wingman Certified Operator Network, the company has the ability to provide Wingman Standard PASS (Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey) reports for every flight which can be easily emailed to a client as proof of an operator’s commitment to transparency of information that allows for effective assessment of risk. Contact SHY Aviation at +44 (0) 208 616 8821 (UK) or +818-855-1536 or visit their website here.

About Wyvern:

Wyvern is the leader in manned and unmanned aviation risk management, safety, quality and training.  Building on its 25-year reputation for delivering excellence and value in risk management to the aviation community through its flagship Wingman Program, Wyvern has expanded its offerings to include the rapidly emerging UAS industry.  Its EXACT Program is the first comprehensive safety, quality and risk management program for end users and operators of drones.

For many years, Wyvern has been working with the world’s largest flight departments, both corporate and commercial, to enhance their in-house risk management programs with customized support across increasingly difficult to manage global operations.  The Wingman and EXACT Programs and Wyvern’s customized risk management support comprise the company’s “Wyvern Risk Management” suite of services.  Learn more at: www.wyvernltd.com

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