The PASS Report just got better.

The PASS Report just got better.

Anyone who comes to WYVERN for reliable safety intelligence, using our Aviation Compliance Enhancement System (ACES), seeking safe charter aircraft will see WYVERN Registered operators. As charter consumers become more educated about safety, WYVERN can help you stay at the forefront of the market. WYVERN promotes your operation through the Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) and Safety Intelligence Report (SIR). The system allows anyone vetting charter flights to see you through the lens of safety.

The new PASS report is easy to navigate with intuitive dropdown menus and fewer “clicks.” The printed version will showcase color coding and other enhanced features.

The Registered PASS report will display SMS validation. We encourage you to use the self-validation tool in ACES or reach out to Kris Stewart, who will upload and validate your documents. Our mission is to see “Every Operator Have an Effective SMS.” The new Registered PASS will show if an operator has not validated their SMS. Do you need SMS software? We include SMS software with our Premium and Premium Plus memberships. Contact us to learn more.

All Wingman Operators have a validated SMS – no action is required.

The WYVERN team is excited to share this innovative improvement with you. The anticipated release date is mid-May.