We like to make it personal.


The WYVERN support team provides customized, human-centric assistance to each of our clients. Using their real-world aviation and customer support experience, they produce exceptional, prompt results that meet every member’s needs by working side by side with all areas of our organization.

We strive to give the best possible service no matter the time of day or night and utilize multiple methods of communication to allow for the most convenience in contacting us.

Tyler Jappe, Operations Support Specialist

We do it all for you

When you join our WYVERN network, our Support Team will train you on our platform, ACES.  They will guide you through the set up process and show you how to run a Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) report.  They will be with you every step of the way.

No other Service Team comes close

Tyler and Wendy are standing by, always ready to provide that white-glove service you deserve. They value your time, understand your needs, and listen to your feedback.

Wendy Watson, Operations Support Specialist

Kris Stewart, Safety Systems Support Specialist

Better together

Kris’ vast experience in safety, emergency response, coaching, and much more provide unique qualification to head up support for WYVERN’s risk management products and services.  Kris provides primary support for the WYVERN Quality and Safety Management System (QSMS), as well as Flight Leader and Virtual Safety Officer programs. 

From instructing new subscribers in the use of our SMS software, to onboarding Flight Leader Program participants, to assisting operators in the development of custom FRATS, audits, and more…Kris is here help!

Our business is to make your business succeed!

Wendy was fantastic and very professional!

Eric • Liberty Air

Tyler is amazing, as always, and has promptly resolved another service request.

Leanna • Alante Air Charter

Quick assistance, professional service at it’s best!

Brian • Wing Aviation Group

Wonderful fast service

Christopher • Clay Lacy