Wyvern Announces New Membership Program and PASS Reporting


Wyvern, the global leader in aviation safety auditing, consulting, and information services, rolls out a new and improved Registered Membership program.  The Wyvern Registered Membership program captures the necessary data to vet a chartered flight of its safety components.  By enrolling in the membership program, customers will have access to new and improved products.

pass_icon_220.png“We are very excited to roll out our enhanced product lines” says Brent Moldowan, Managing Director, “We’ve been focused on building on the technology that enables us to deliver real time, accurate safety information to our customers.” Wyvern’s current product offerings include real time data feeds to pilot information to include insurance, medical, and flight time hours.   The biggest addition is the redesign of the pilot and aircraft safety survey (PASS).  The PASS report is the most vital piece of information a customer relies on when chartering a flight.  The report provides a comprehensive but condensed view of information regarding the operator, pilots and the aircraft.  “The most important change to the report is defining the information being delivered.  PASS is a product designed to ensure the customer knows what safety standard is being utilized and why that is important to their flight.” says Moldowan.

The PASS report along with Wyvern’s additional product offerings equips customers with the safety information to assist in making informed decisions when chartering a flight.  The ability to run a PASS report on each flight highlights each operator’s dedication to providing great service and their commitment to safety.  Members of the program benefit from the ability to reach a live customer support representative with questions or operational support requirements.

Wyvern remains the leader in the safety aviation industry. The growth of the Wyvern Wingman audited operator program as the leading industry audit standard and the expansion of the Registered Memberships program will empower customers to have the most accurate and up to date information to ensure that safety is a priority in the decision making process when choosing to charter a flight.   Wyvern continues to make safety stand out.

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